Khamis, 9 Januari 2014

This stupid sad story

I love to update my blog mase tengah sedih kecewa dan marah..
Sebab sy ade ramai kawan nak kongsi bende happy2..
Tapi sy takde kawan nk kongsi this stupid sad story with me..
I write in my blog and reread the blog again..
Macam cite balik kat diri sendiri..yea rase relieved. .

Dear cinta hati..
If you saying that I'm killing this relationship with comparing you with others..
So what do you think you are doing now??
Make me sad and disappointed will bunga2 our relationship? ? You are killing our relationship too..
Don't expect every time awk wat sy marah sy akan ckp takpe takpe takpe all the time pas tu lupakan jea bende nie..
I hold in too much dear..too much..
I can't say you're forgiven again again and again. .
Kalau macam tu nanti sume salah awak aggap..
Ahh takpe..hanis bole maafkan..sikit punye hal je ni..die bole maafkan..
Kalo awk pikir mcm tu..
No you're wrong syg..
Sy nak yg terbaek utk awak..
Sy nak awk jadi someone..
Be a reliable person ..
Ignore all the malas2. .
All the manga2..
Sy tau sy pon malas jugak..
Tapi dlm minggu final dok bace manga lagi..
Pas tu ckp study tak paham tak reti buat and bla bla bla bla..
Mmg mintak marah la kan..
Kalau tak paham tanye..
Ape guna ade wechat watsap kalo tak guna..
You really make me layan you like my little brother yang I have to bebel2..
I don't like that..
You're not my little brother. .
You're my cinta hati..
Grow up man..

You have to force yourself. .
Not being manja2 like budak2 anymore..
Nak manja2 pon tgh masa la..
Kalo pasal study nie nk manja2 lagi..
Mmg tak la..
If you are angry with my words comparing you with other..
Good for you..
Use your disappointment to flame up your heart and soul..
Be motivated and keep strong..
sy takkan mintak maaf sbb I think im right. .
You need to ketukk baru nak bangkit bangun..
Kalo belai2 ayt sume sweet2 mmg tak jalan..
So please change. .
This is for us..

Sincerely. .
Your mrs t..

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